Wednesday 7 November 2007


Today was a first for me...Monsoon has been in work for a few weeks now, and is proving to be a real lady - brave on her own, fun but calm in company and bomb-proof in traffic.

I've ridden her out a fair bit, but today Andy and I took her and Charlie out for a mini-blast, on a route where we have the opportunity for several canters on wide open fields with perfect going :-)

I have ridden thoroughbreds before, and their length of stride and relaxed way of galoping is always lovely, but this morning was different...

We set off very quietly, just trotting round the margin of the field, and then Andy and Charlie tipped into canter...well so did Monsoon, as you would expect, and she was just bubbling along in the quietest possible canter, barely ticking over...but then I looked across at Charlie - to find he was stretching out and cantering with a focussed look on his face - not flat-out, but definitely putting some effort in. I suddenly realised that I was on a different sort of thoroughbred - the sort that has actually won :-) I'd not had that feeling before, and boy, is it good!



cptrayes said...

you wanna tell us who Monsoon is???

Nic Barker said...

:-) She is an ex point to pointer who came here as an alternative to going for meat (!)...She was unlevel and had exhibited some "undesirable behaviour", but as it turns out this was because she had a sore neck, sore back and sore feet...Same old story...

She's been here since August and she is due some nicer photos ;-)