Friday, 23 November 2007

Good feet, great owners!

Saw a fabulous horse yesterday...His owner had emailed me a few months ago wondering if a crumbly footed warmblood could go without shoes. We talked about diet and she did a great job revising his feed and setting him up for having his shoes off.

So 6 weeks ago his shoes came off, and thanks to his owner's preparation he was happy on grass straight away and on roads within a few days. Since then his owner has ridden him every day, always within his comfort zone and on surfaces he was happy with.

When I saw him yesterday you would have sworn he had switched feet with a different horse...Although he still has weak digital cushions he has superb hoof wall, great frogs and lovely concavity. There is no trace of the weak hoof wall, flare and white line infection he had a few weeks ago. He is fantastic :-) and so is his owner :-) I will try and post pics shortly!

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cptrayes said...

I didn't realise that you make owners revise the diet before you will deshoe. I think that's a fantastic idea, real professionalism.