Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Rolo and Ruby

Two new horses arrived at the weekend - Rolo and Ruby, both coloured cobs and both with pretty nice-looking hooves...
This is Rolo - lots to like, don't you think?
Sole shots not looking too shabby either...
...but his medio-lateral balance needs to improve. He has been out of shoes for several months and it it will be fascinating to see how his feet change over the next few weeks. 

On MRI Rolo showed up as having a host of issues, including bilateral DDFT, collateral and impar ligament damage as well as pedal osteitis but at the moment he looks like a horse who is more than capable of growing a healthy hoof.
This is Ruby who, like Rolo, has decent cob feet. Her current lameness is fairly subtle but she has developed a dish in front and like Rolo has a medio-lateral imbalance.
This is actually her better foot but it will only be once her feet start changing that we can start to compare where she is with where she is going! Her feet are flatter than Rolo's and though her frog is OK...
She has been landing toe first for a while, as you can see from this caudal shot. 

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