Thursday, 14 March 2013

Photos are all very well...

I posted photos of Red earlier in the week. Of course, I post photo updates because they are a fascinating hint of how feet are changing and which direction they are heading in but photos can only tell you so much and - if a horse is not getting sounder - it is largely irrelevant whether their feet look prettier.

With that in mind, here is Red's footage which I grabbed on Tuesday. I forgot to put date captions on but the first clip was taken on 10th Feb and the second on 12th March.
And for those who can't see the video or haven't time to look at it, the stills are taken from the clip and compare Red's landing over her first 4 weeks. 
This is her on 10th Feb; although she was happy to walk on the concrete she is landing toe first and can't fully extend.
A still from the same phase of her gait on 12th March shows a better landing - not as fully heel first as she will be but a big improvement. As a result, her stride length has increased and she is much freer and more comfortable in her neck and shoulders.

Not all horses can make such big improvements in this short space of time but Red was able to start work very quickly and that - plus her love of stomping about on the tracks - has been a big factor in the speed of this change.


RedsMum said...

She certainly does love it down there, what an amazing difference, I am thrilled. Thanks a million Nic !!

Maria said...

Nic, my mare is starting to land on her heels too! The most difficult hooves I ever had to manage! Thank you for all the information you shared and your comments !

Krista said...

Go Red! What a brilliant change.