Thursday, 7 March 2013

Beanie - almost 4 weeks

Beanie will have been here 4 weeks on Sunday and its time to update his photos. He arrived having been out of shoes for 6 months but had a long history of lameness and remedial farriery which had not succeeded in making him more comfortable.
I'm glad to say that he is starting to slowly rebuild the back of his foot, as you can see if you compare today's photo with his original shot.
He has very flat, under-run feet with heels which have run forward; this photo from day one shows how far - his heels (which in a healthy hoof should be supporting the back of his frog) are closer to halfway down his frog.
One good sign is that his heels are now moving back though there is a long way to go before his hoof is once again fully supporting the limb. 


Julie Highton-spencer said...

Pleased with how his heel is looking nic. Thanks.

Heila said...

Please can you do me a favour and draw on these pics to show what exactly you look at when you comment? Or if you have done that in an older post, please point me at it. I would REALLY appreciate that!

Julie Highton-spencer said...

If you look closely at the back of his heel it has filled out Although bare in mind it is only just under 4 weeks and my boy has extremely flat feet. I can see it better if I enlarge the pic. Hope that helps.