Thursday, 21 March 2013

Remi's last update

 Remi is going home at the weekend so this is his last set of photos. As always, its fascinating to chart what has changed in his hooves over 13 weeks - and to guess where they might be heading over the next few months.
This is his RF day one...
...and today for comparison. The toe is much shorter and the back of the foot more supportive. There is also a new angle of hoof growth in the dorsal wall which will shorten the toe still further. 

You can also see from the pale, unpigmented stripe of hoof wall how much the angle of the capsule has already changed.
The sole shot is interesting. It wasn't a bad foot to start with but the frog is working much harder now and the foot is rebalancing. It has much more concavity but you can see there was a black area of damage at the toe. There are still black areas of sole which are growing out  - it will be interesting to see if they disappear completely.  
I have a suspicion that the medial wall deviation will disappear as the rest of the new hoof capsule grows down  because the angle of change may mean his foot is balanced without it, but I could be proved wrong!

His heels also need to continue to become more supportive. He's made a good start but its not yet as supportive as the heels on the LF. 
Stupidly I don't have a direct comparison shot to show you but you can see in the photo above that on day one Remi had a toe crack. That's now gone but naturally as he still has only half a new hoof capsule then his hooves will remain a work in progress once he is at home - and for at least the next 3 months. 
This is the shot of his feet today. I'd expect better balance again in a few more months. You can nevertheless see that he still needs more medial support to have a level hairline, particularly on the RF, and its this foot which has the most dramatic changes.
The LF was less underrun to start with - contrasting the angles today its much less dramatic than the RF but the whole hoof is weighted towards the back now rather than towards the toe, as it was, which is a good sign. 
Again, there is a new angle of growth which will shorten the toe still further and load the palmar hoof even more. 


Krista said...

Love looking at that angle change with the lack of pigment, that's so telling and what a brilliant natural marker to have. Another successful rehab :0) You'd better watch out Nic..I think you're going to be very, very busy!!

Nic Barker said...

Thanks Krista :-) Though don't think there is much spare capacity atm - never been busier but that's a good way to be!

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