Tuesday 12 March 2013

Red - 4 week update

Red has been here just over 4 weeks and so as usual time for an update. The top photo was taken the day she arrived and the lower one is at 4 weeks. 
Spot the difference!
Sole shots of her other front foot are also interesting. When she came she had a weak frog and pinched heels and bars - they had probably been quite contracted when she was shod, though its hard to see from the historic photos here. 
She still has distorted bars but her frog is better and her heels have improved. That long hoof wall is mostly gone too - and all with no trimming :-)


Unknown said...

The changes look really good to me! Well done red!

RedsMum said...

From the sounds of it she's been working really hard on this..:) Very good girl Red, would be interesting to hear if her heel first landing is starting to happen ?

Nic Barker said...

Landing is better, Sue - will try to upload footage soon!

RedsMum said...

Yayyy ! Great news thanks Nic