Friday, 12 October 2012

The terrible twins - 2 weeks on

Last update of the week and this time its the pair I have christened the terrible twins. They don't look similar but they have the same cheeky characters and since they arrived at Rockley - within a few days of each other - they have been best mates. 
These are Rocky's feet. He should have come here in bar shoes but (sensible chap) he pulled them off himself just before he travelled down here. On MRI he had damage to the fibrocartilage and bursa of the navicular bone and DDFT and impar ligament damage. 
Steroid injections and bar shoes had given a temporary improvement but 6 weeks later he was 2-3/10 lame and so his owner and vet wanted to explore other options. In 2 weeks his feet have already started to change - there is lots more to see but even from this angle they are shorter, more robust and starting to get to work.
Thomas is Rocky's best mate but though he has the same sense of humour as Rocky they are otherwise very different. Thomas has been barefoot for 9 months and its now our job to try and beef his feet up and take them to the next level. His feet were pretty enough when he arrived but shots of the palmar hoof, frog and digital cushion showed that there was room for improvement, despite his heel first landing.
Two weeks later  - with no trimming - spot the difference. Its not that his heels have been taken down, but instead his frog has begun to develop.
All these feet should change lots more over the next few weeks.

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