Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Eliza's belated 10 week update

We're back online I'm glad to say and finally I can get back to posting updates. There are lots of horses to catch up with this week as I got so behind last week so here goes, beginning with Eliza, and I will update you on the others over the rest of the week. 
Eliza came with a lameness which was worse in her RF though she was short-striding on both front legs. You can see that her heels were under-running and collapsing which had led to her also having a long toe. 
She now has a much more robust heel and digital cushion and her hoof is able to function much better. She has improved and will continue to get better as her hooves continue to grow in a complete new hoof capsule over the next 3-4 months. 
Much healthier sole and frog and much less contraction. 
Still room for the heels to migrate back further to be more supportive but heading in the right direction. 

Again, a clear view of a much harder working frog and as a result healthier digital cushion. Look also at how the hoof wall no longer pinches in from hairline towards the ground but is both stronger and shorter. 

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