Friday, 26 October 2012

Barefoot thoroughbred hooves

Thomas Two has now been here for 4 weeks. He went barefoot at the start of the year and has made good progress - when he arrived at Rockley he was already landing heel first and our mission was to try and take his hooves to the next level. 
A good place to start looking at hooves is always the hairline. On his first day Tom's hairline bulged at the quarters and you can see that his palmar hoof would like more support. 
Four weeks later and we are making progress - a combination of the tracks and surfaces and controlled exercise is building on the good work already done and he has more development in the back of his hoof.
From the sole, confirmation that the frog is building - the key to health in the back of the foot.
And finally the all important photos from the palmar angle, this time of the RF...
...on arrival...
...after 2 weeks...
...and after 4 weeks...Good job Thomas - so far at least :-)

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