Thursday, 18 October 2012

Side effects of barefoot rehab

Time for some updates today - the ex-rehabs have been incredibly busy over the last week or so and there have been so many fun updates coming in I just had to share.

First up, an email from Sarah about her and Solar's progress. Sarah has worked very hard since Solar went home, first having to get on top of grass issues and then having to recover from a well-intentioned attempt to straighten Solar's feet.
After a summer of hard work they were on terrific form at the RRR - this is Solar's first attempt jumping XC and I think you will agree that his enthusiasm and technique mean he could be on track for great things!

Anyway, I was as pleased as punch to get this email from Sarah today:

"Hi Nic,

I had to email you to let you know that solar appears to have found his engine!!

We had a lesson on Friday, our first one in about 18 months.

My instructor was hugely impressed with him & said he was looking the best she'd seen him! She also couldn't believe how forward he's become, he is having to be half-halted & steadied quite a bit! 

My yard owner is schooling him once a week too & when I asked how he got on today was told he's getting very forward! 

He still sees hacking as a chance to stroll along taking in the view but he is LOVING his school work!

It's just another part of this journey that's come as a surprise, but oh, what a lovely one to have!

All the best, Sarah x "

Next up, Any and Eva who posted this fab clip on Facebook...

..and finally for now, Charlotte and BBB who have been to the beach and got further days' hunting under their belts...Lots more on their and Wendy Raptor's (joint!) blog here:

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