Friday, 18 June 2021

Dante's 8 week update

 Belatedly, but better late than never, here is Dante's 8 week update. Unlike the others, he was in shoes until shortly before he arrived so has had less time to adapt to loading his feet centrally rather than peripherally. 

Nevertheless he has made good progress in a relatively short time. You can see there will be significant changes to come in his feet over the next few months but they are already starting to grow more normally and to look less like foal feet and more like those on an adult horse. 

Although his frogs weren't too bad when he arrived they were clearly unused to working and they are developing the longer he is out of shoes and moving freely. 
There is still a lot of development to come but this is a strengthening frog and digital cushion by comparison to 8 weeks ago.
A collapsed hairline, as you can see in the upper photo, is usually a sign of a weak palmar hoof. Its good to see this improving. 

Less dramatic changes from this side although the new growth is still clear to see. 

An untidy frog today, and the top layer is ready to shed, but that is perfectly normal and the important thing is that the frog and digital cushion are getting stronger as he continues to work. 

As with the other foot, a much better looking hairline and more robust digital cushion today. 
Dante's footage is up here:

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