Friday 16 October 2020

Buddy's 3 week update - with photos

 You know how technology is either brilliant or a massive waste of time which absorbs hours and gets you nowhere? It feels a bit like that here at the moment, as my iPad is out of action (and has been for 4 weeks already!) and although my slow motion camera is still working we've had 3 attempts at getting Buddy's footage and photos...

Anyway, finally here we are and Buddy's footage is now up here:

Buddy was already barefoot when he arrived, which always helps as the foot is already used to loading more centrally and to receiving much more stimulus than in shoes. However, you can still see that Buddy's feet, even after 3 weeks, are undergoing some good changes.

Buddy was landing toe first/flat when he arrived despite being barefoot so development of the back of the foot was, as ever, going to be an important part of the process. You can see that his frogs have made good progress already and this has led to him developing a better landing and stronger foot. 

His feet were pretty long when he arrived but there has been no need to trim him, his feet are doing a great job of rebalancing and strengthening through better movement. 

These aren't the best angles for comparison but you can see from the lower photos that his palmar hoof is stronger and his toe shorter than when he arrived, both good signs.

The interesting thing is that you could have simply trimmed his foot to look a bit more as it does now but that would have missed the most important element, the stronger frog and digital cushion. That sort of development only comes through better movement. 

Buddy's feet are becoming more balanced but he still has a tendency to load laterally. This has improved from the top photo but we've got a way to go before his foot balance is where it needs to be. 

More next week, with fewer tech problems I hope!

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