Sunday, 9 February 2020

Smarty's 4 week update

Like Ella, Smarty has now been here 4 weeks. Unlike Ella, he had a heel first landing when he arrived so we were not expecting to see such big changes in his feet as in hers.                                          
Comparing the two photos, as usual his initial photos are on the top and the most recent photos below.  In the most recent photo his foot looks to have a shorter toe and slightly stronger heel but as his feet were in reasonably good shape on arrival there is no dramatic change.
Looking at the comparison photos you can tell that the front right hasn't had a dramatic change but slowly strengthening up.

The digital cushion is developing which is a good sign, although again he was starting in a better place than many of the horses who come here.


Comparing Smarty's first photos to his up to date photos you can tell that the angle of the toe is slightly changing to be more in line with the heel of the foot and again his toe is shortening.

With both Smarty and Ella I would not be surprised if they developed more medial support as they both have slightly toe in stances at the moment.
As you can see his left foot has made some changes. The frog has gained some mass and is more defined.
Although the changes are subtle, his digital cushion is stronger than it was and his frog is more developed, with a lower heel.
Smarty's comparison footage is here:

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