Monday, 9 September 2019

New rehab horses arriving: Frank

New horses arrived this weekend and there will be plenty of pics to follow on Instagram as the weather has been gorgeous and they are extremely photogenic!
For now these feet belong to Frank, a Highland who is expert at batting his lashes at us and his new friends in a charm offensive, which has been very effective!
He has good solid feet - his hinds have never been shod - but has had recurrent lameness in front which of course is why he is here. 
These are basically nice feet and he has been out of shoes a few months so although he is not 100% on stony ground he has a head start in building better feet. 
There is of course lots of room for improvement and his medio-lateral balance in particular is something that needs to develop but I am feeling quite positive that he will make progress fairly rapidly. 
Franks' footage is here:

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