Monday, 22 July 2019

DB's 7 week update

DB's owner is down visiting him and I wanted to post some comparative photos for her so that we can assess how he is doing. As usual the original photo is at the top and the most recent one at the bottom.

This is his sounder foot so we would expect fewer changes. In fact he is growing a new hoof capsule at a very much steeper angle and the long toe on this foot will be much shorter once the new growth is further down. I don't like the fact that his hairline is bulging at the moment but at least his palmar hoof is stronger than it was. 

His feet are very flat, as you can probably see, and this will not really resolve until the better growth is much further down his foot. However he has slightly more structure already at his heels and frog and his toe is beginning to shorten. 

 Its all still rather wonky but from this angle too his palmar hoof is a little stronger than it was although he has a long way to go. Once he has a better landing this will strengthen more rapidly.

On his right foot the changes are more obvious, which is positive as this is his lamest foot. Again you can see the steep angle of new growth and how his toe will shorten but his foot is also less under-run. 

A better frog and sole which is starting to show signs of more concavity even though he is not yet landing heel first. 

DB's footage is here: Its a bit disappointing that he has not yet established a heel first landing, which is fairly slow going (Harvey, for instance, is a couple of weeks ahead of him on this basis) but we have some encouraging signs as he is much more willing to load the RF when he is standing, which previously he would not do at all.

As soon as he is landing solidly heel first we can start working him on harder surfaces which will also speed up his progress so come on DB!

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