Tuesday, 5 March 2019


 Poppy is the next of the new rehab horses. She is an event mare from Ireland who has had recurrent lameness since 2017. MRI showed DDFT, collateral ligament and navicular bone damage which had worsened over the period to October 2018.
She has been out of shoes since November of last year which has certainly given her a head start in her rehab. Her landing has reportedly improved over that time and at the moment she is landing heel first (which was not the case a few weeks ago), meaning we can progress with her in hand work more quickly than usual.
Looking at her feet there are clues that the new landing is relatively recent as her frogs are still contracted and there is evidence of historic media-lateral imbalance in her uneven heel bulbs and hairline.
She also has a tendency to thrush, probably again because of the contraction in her frogs and palmar hoof. This is under control now and should improve with her better landing. 
Overall there is a lot to like about Poppy's feet and she has made a good start to her rehab before she even arrived here.
We will want to see further improvement in her frog and digital cushion and a rebalancing of her feet as well but she is on the right track.

Her footage is here: https://vimeo.com/321432273


Healthy Barefoot Hoofcare said...

Was the damage in both fronts or left fore only.

Nic Barker said...

Both feet.