Monday, 21 January 2019

Workshops for 2019

Since I've been back from my awesome NZ trip I've been working on the workshops for this year which is really exciting. 

The format for the workshops will be similar to last year, with people welcome to bring shod or barefoot horses and we will spend time looking at each horse individually.

The idea of each workshop is to give owners skills which they can use to assess their horse's movement and tools which they can use to improve their horse's health.

So far the dates we have are: 

2nd March 2019: Writtle University College, Essex
Contact Cloe Lambert for information and to book:

6th April 2019: Long Island, NY, USA
Contact Jeannean Mercuri for more information and to book:

19th May 2019 Aberdeen, Scotland
Contact Julie Bradbury for more information and to book:

There will be further workshops for May onwards and I will post the details here as soon as they are finalised. 

In the meantime if you are interested in hosting a workshop during summer 2019 please get in touch:

Thanks everyone - looking forward to seeing you all!

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