Thursday, 24 May 2018

8 week updates...

...starting with Maysie. Hard to believe that 4 of the current rehab horses have already been here 8 weeks and so it will be a busy few days for updates. As usual the original photos are at the top and the lower ones are the most recent. 
 Maysie was quite slow to begin landing heel first but has definitely now got the hang of it and her palmar hoof is improving as a result. Her foot is no longer collapsing and is less under-run.
This was the foot which had the worse medio-lateral balance and that is better now as well. The medial support you can see in the lower photo is helpful to her for now as its stabilised the hoof capsule so it no longer tips medially on landing. 

The digital cushion is better developed now, as you can see, but there is still a central sulcus split which needs to heal up. Her better landing should help achieve this. 

You can see that she has a stronger hoof capsule growing in from the change in angle at the top of the dorsal hoof wall. Her palmar hoof is stronger but this was her stronger foot in any case so the changes are less dramatic. 

On this foot she has a clearly healthier frog and her heels are stronger and less under-run. The foot is also looking better balanced and is loading more evenly. 

 Finally a better developed digital cushion and a foot which is steadily becoming stronger, which is great to see.

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