Monday, 9 October 2017

Jet's 12 week update

Jet went home yesterday and so its time for an update on his feet. He arrived back in July (above) with a diagnosis of navicular bone damage on MRI and was landing flat on his left foot and fractionally heel first on his right. 
Twelve weeks on and in the most recent photo, above. his feet are much less under-run with a shorter toe and he has a correspondingly  stronger palmar hoof, which has led to a better landing (footage is below). 
Comparing his frog and digital cushion between July (above) and October (below) its clear that there is still work to do but it is less contracted and he has the beginning of better concavity in his feet. 

Like many ex-racehorses Jet's palmar hoof has been compromised by early shoeing and may never be as robust as it would be if he had remained unshod but he has made progress and his feet should continue to grow stronger over the next few months. 

From this angle the new growth (below) is clearly visible about halfway down his foot. It will take at least another 3-4 months before he has grown in a full new hoof capsule. 

Jet has stronger heels and a better frog today (below) than he had when he arrived (above) but there is still lots of work to do. 

A stronger and more robust digital cushion is now visible (below) but again Jet needs to continue in regular work for a good while yet before his feet will be as good as they can be. 

 His footage is here:

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