Friday, 1 September 2017

Freddie's first fortnight

Freddie will have been here 2 weeks this weekend so after all the excitement of getting the haylage done earlier in the week I thought it was time for a nice ordinary hoof update. As usual, the upper photo shows his foot on arrival and the lower, comparison photo is the most recent.
Of course its very early days for Freddie and he is not yet landing heel first but there are signs that he is beginning to improve the back of his foot. 
His frogs are a little more robust and to my eye his heels look a little less under-run. 

The back of his foot seems less contracted at this angle which is encouraging. 

Freddie's feet are growing at a reasonably good rate, as you can see from this angle, so there should be more dramatic changes to report on over the next few weeks. 

The balance of his feet is also changing and again this should be clearer when we compare his 4 week photos. 


Peggy Sue said...

Nic, can I just congratulate you on the excellent work you're doing. I can't understand why vets around the world aren't flocking to you to study your success (well, actually, I can and it all boils down to £££).

It would be fantastic to convince someone high profile to go down the barefoot route, as where they led, others would follow and the lives of innumerable horses would be improved (and their owners, who often break their hearts (and bank balances) trying to fix their lame horses via the very worst combo of box rest & remedial shoeing). Imagine if Charlotte & Carl went barefoot and talked about why/welfare/how etc!!

Nic Barker said...

Thanks for the kind words Peggy Sue :-) According to BEVA we are in the throes of a "Barefoot Revolution" so perhaps things are moving the right way!