Thursday, 13 July 2017

Dallas after 2 weeks

I wanted to update Dallas' photos now that she has been here 2 weeks. She is not yet landing heel first and I wasn't convinced her feet had changed that much; in fact when I actually compared the photos I was surprised. 
This is her lamer foot which had become club-footed as a result of being unloaded. Despite her poor landing the toe is shortening and the palmar foot is starting to strengthen. 

Although the frog on this foot is much weaker than the front on the left foot it has still developed considerably. I am hoping a better landing is only a few weeks away. 

The tracks are an essential tool for feet like this as she could not work safely on hard surfaces yet and needs the stimulus of the conformable surfaces on the track to allow her feet to improve. 

Her feet are still mismatched but they are I think more symmetrical than they were on day 1. 

Compare the frog on this foot to her other front foot its clear which for has been working harder. Her frog is now starting to look good on this foot and she should soon be able to land properly. 

More on Dallas soon!

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