Thursday, 22 September 2016

Deutz' 6 week update

With the computer tentatively back  - or at least in recuperative mode - lets try and get some photos and video footage up...

Deutz has now been here for 6 weeks and although he arrived with really quite nice, strong feet, there are still changes to be seen. His nail holes have grown out and there is better-connected growth at the top of his hoof, as you could see in this post
His frogs are definitely developing and his palmar hoof is stronger. He had a heel first landing when he arrived so didn't have a chronically weak foot but there was obviously still room for improvement.  
This is an interesting shot I think because it demonstrates that heel height is not necessarily the same as palmar hoof strength. The hoof wall is actually shorter now and the foot is less boxy but has a stronger heel and frog. 
As with the left foot, no drama but a more balanced foot. 
These feet will of course continue to change over the 6 months or so that it will take Deutz to grow a whole new hoof capsule. The fact that he had reasonably good feet to start with has certainly given him a head start and has enabled us to give him a good level of work right from the word go. 
Deutz' footage is below which shows his landing on the day he arrived and today. Because he already had a heel first landing there is no radical change in the slow motion footage but I am including it for completeness. 

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