Saturday, 25 June 2016

Belatedly...Thomas' 9 week update

With apologies for the delay, here are Thomas's update photos now that he has been here 9 weeks. As up can see, his feet have improved a lot although there is still a fair way to go. 
He had already made some good changes - and had become significantly sounder - in the months after his shoes came off but before he arrived here so our job was to continue - and if possible speed up - his return to full work. 
Thomas has coped well with his increasing work levels, responding by growing a better foot, improving his soundness and putting on muscle so we are hoping for more of the same over the rest of his time here. 
Both front feet are more supportive and less under-run and he is landing confidently heel first now. He has some issues with stiffness in front and behind but regular work is helping. 
His feet are a good illustration of why taking shoes off - though an important element of growing a healthier hoof - is not enough on its own. However now he is back in work I hope he will carry on going from strength to strength. 

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