Thursday, 18 February 2016

Winter sunshine

Thats more like it - such a relief to have some sunny days finally this week, after the constant rain of the last 3 months. Its not going to last but we'll make the most of it while we have it!
One upside is that the grass looks amazing as its been so mild  - I am hoping it will romp away early and we will be able to get a really good haylage crop this year to get us back on track after last year's disaster.
 Thank goodness for the tracks, which really come into their own in weather like this; they are so well drained that even with continual rain the footing is good, although the huge volume of water thats come down this winter has meant we have a couple of new streams through the yard which have yet to dry up...
Hoping you've all been able to get out and bask in those rays for a few hours - make the most of it, because there's more rain on the way!


Fi said...

Looking rather spectacular in the photos (not jealous at all honest!) Prince would like to report that he's definitely been out and about making the most of the Sunshine and that our grass is also growing :)

Nic Barker said...

It looks all right at a distance Fi but the fields are still awash - love to Prince and tell him to go easy on the spring grass ;-)