Monday, 23 November 2015

What do you think of these feet?

These are the latest feet to arrive at Rockley - a horse who came in shoes when the weather was too bad for decent photos. 
She has pretty good frogs for a horse straight out of shoes and a reasonably good digital cushion too.

 She had an abscess on this foot before she came so its a bit messier than the LF but again lots to like.


BruceA said...

Lands on the inside edge of LF? And a bit of a bullnose too.

Unknown said...

Pigeon toed? Heel heights and white line in first pic look a bit odd?

Nic Barker said...

She has had a stretched white line which has been rasped back, not by me of course, so that probably accounts for the bullnose - there will be a big angle change in a few weeks I imagine as the new hoof capsule grows in tighter.

Her landing is actually pretty good but I agree the white line on both fronts isn't great, but thats really only because she has had a shoe on till a few days ago. I am expecting some nice update pics in a month or so!