Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Getting there...

I'm afraid progress on updating the blog with new photos and video for the rehab horses has been slower than I had hoped, due almost entirely to Apple's not-so-helpful recent "upgrade" (please insert maximum irony here) to its photo software.

Its relocated 2 of my photo libraries and is not allowing me to add to them so its proving extremely time-consuming to post new photos of the existing rehab horses as they are ending up being stored in different places and I haven't yet had the time to do a wholesale reorganisation of all my photos.

Its maddening, as photos were previously quick to upload and were all stored under each horse's name whereas now everything is being lumped into date order. To add insult to injury I wasn't even given the choice of refusing the upgrade...
I've spent hours (with and without Apple's help!) trying to sort this out since last week but am still not really any further on. I'm still hoping to get updates out this week so please bear with me for the moment. 
In the meantime by way of a sweetener I can at least offer you these fantastic shots taken of Em and Indy (who was here 2 years ago) out eventing at the weekend - thanks to Gary Horner for permission to post them, and if anything were needed to make you smile I hope these will do the trick!

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