Thursday, 1 July 2010

Frankie - vet's assessment

An exciting follow up to yesterday's blog update on Frankie...He is now back home and his owner kindly arranged for him to go back to his original vet, Jason Tupper at the Royal Veterinary College, for re-assessment.

Frankie has quite a complicated history, being intermittently lame on both left and right front legs over an 18 month period. He would come sound for a short time but the lameness would recur when he came back into work. The left front was (and remains) his weaker foot, and his original veterinary assessment was that he was up to 5/10 lame, at his worst, on the left and up to 2/10 lame on the right.

The great news is that he has now been re-assessed and passed, sound :-)

His vet was not only pleased with his improvement but is really interested to see how Frankie gets on over the next 6-12 months.

I've put a short clip comparing his trot up here on arrival with how he was when he left:

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