Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Oh for goodness sake, Met Office...

I've been waiting and obsessing about the weather for the last couple of weeks, hoping to be able to get our grass cut and baled.  Last week was no good because the balers were too busy, everyone was cutting and they had no spare capacity. 

Thats fine, its still early, we all agreed we'd try this week.  We checked the forecast on Saturday - no good, thunderstorms forecast on Sunday.  Actually it was dry, hot and sunny.  

We checked the forecast on Sunday and Monday - thunderstorms forecast for Sunday, according to the BBC and the Met Office, and heavy storms likely again on Monday.  

It seemed pretty odd to us, at the weekend, because there were clear skies and high pressure - but according to the Met Office those were just figments of our imagination and there was a low pressure front coming in.  

When we looked at the forecast on Monday - oops, the huge low pressure front had completely fizzled out off the coast of Cornwall - presumably 'cos it was too blooming hot here for it to survive - but nevertheless they said it was going to pour with rain the whole of Tuesday.  This morning they were forecasting heavy storms today, tomorrow and Friday. 

Meanwhile, in the real world that we inhabit, as opposed to the forecasters parallel universe, it has been dry, hot and sunny every day, with not a drop of rain.  Its not even been overcast!  It would have been a perfect week to get hay done, and instead we've done nothing because of the blinkin' forecast saying "rain tomorrow" day after day after day. 

The final irony is that the Met Office relocated to Devon a year or so ago, and everyone assumed the forecasts would improve...They might as well not bother forecasting and just look out of the window in Exeter, it would be a hell of a lot more accurate.  No doubt they will forecast glorious weather next week and it will pee down all over my cut grass....  :-(

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