Friday, 19 December 2008


Here are some shots of Erik's worst foot, left front. These photos were taken 12 weeks apart, and you can see that his rate of hoof growth is relatively slow, as he was not in full work while he was here.

However, the line of change in his hoof wall once the shoe came off is clear, as is the different way his hoof will load once he has grown the whole new hoof capsule in.

Although Erik has made good, steady progress so far, there is still several months of work to go before his feet are as good as they can be. We hope that now he has a foundation of better hoof health, he will continue to go from strength to strength at home, now that he has the green light to come back into full work.

We will keep in touch with Erik of course, and update the blog with his news in the New Year!

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