Monday, 20 October 2008

Hector's progress

Here for your entertainment are some shots of the orange boy, Hector. At the top, his backside (with considerable muscle wastage on the right hind) the week he arrived followed by the same shot 2 days ago - much more evenly muscled. Then his right front foot on the day he arrived, with a frog and heels which were quite franklygiving up the ghost - again quite a difference from how it looks now (the last photo), in full work on lots of different surfaces.

It never ceases to amaze me how fast horses improve given the chance. Hector came to us bilaterally lame, worse on his left front and with quite clear muscle wastage on the diagonal (right) hind, as the photos show.

Now, only 3 months after his arrival, its clear how close his hooves were to completely shutting down, and how eager he was to get them working again :-) Not only have his hooves improved dramatically, but as a result of his feet improving and his lameness resolving, he is muscling up properly again - all he needed was to be given the chance to sort himself out. What a star he has proved to be :-)

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Anonymous said...

The muscle wastage shots are amazing. It's difficult to believe that's only 12-13 weeks. Fantastic work.