Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Best puppy dog!

Not about the horses today, as it was the Puppy Show, and we went to cheer on the hound puppies we walked last year, leaving this year's puppies (Rookie, Goldfinch and Griffin) at home with some lamb ribs for company!

It was a wet, drizzly day, and although it was mild it really didn't feel like summer...The hounds, though, didn't care, and had a great day, all looking marvellous and an absolute credit to our huntsman.

Our three, Bingbong, Belfry and Belfast of course looked the most beautiful, to our biased eyes :-) It was just lovely to see them having such a great time at the biggest party they had ever been to!

In total, there were 24 puppies (12 couple), and there had to be a best dog, best bitch, and overall best puppy, just as in any show...It was unexpectedly nervewracking, but Belfry was one of the last 3 dogs, and then was declared best dog :-)

There were some gorgeous bitch puppies, and he lost overall to the best bitch, Dahlia, who was stunning - Belfry certainly thought his luck was in when he found himself in the ring with only her for company!

A great day, despite the rain, and we are already excited about seeing them out trailing!


Anonymous said...

All b's, I get.

All birds I get.

But why all the same letter one year, and then all the same category the next???

Funniest bunch I ever followed were called after vegetables. "CAULIFLOWER!!!" yelled the Master.


Nic Barker said...

Well, our puppies always have to have names beginning with the same letter as their mum, so Rookie's mum was Ribbon, and Griffin and Goldfinch's mum was Goldcrest.

Last year's puppies were all from the same litter, unlike the current ones, and their mum was Blackthorn, so it sort of all makes sense :-)

There is no need to stick to one category, but we did last year, and the bird theme just happened this year :-)

There is hound called Nightdress at kennels, and there used to be a Bathtub...Bingbong was going a bit far for some of the traditionalists!