Monday, 26 May 2008

Back to winter?!?!

After a lovely day on Saturday, with sunshine and blue skies, today has been absolutely wild - howling gales and its been lashing with rain all day (I think they are saying a couple of inches!) and totally miserable. We have exercised, and the horses all thought we were mad to be going out, and went under protest.

They were all good, despite the storms, and I was particularly impressed with Lucy, who has the least experience but behaved outstandingly in appalling conditions - what a sweetheart she is turning out to be.

Conto has had a bit of time off, as he was kicked by another horse and was quite sore at the end of April, but he went out today and seemed thrilled to be back at work.

No doubt once the bank holiday is well and truly over the weather will improve again (!)...Roll on tomorrow...

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