Saturday 13 October 2007

Magic wins AGAIN!!! And Ghost is Peter Pan...!

Awesome awesome news from Jane Tweedie today, that she and Magic have won their British Eventing Intro class at Broadway...After winning at Moreton Morrell last time out - YIPPEE for the barefoot eventers!

Even more fun - last time the ground was hard and dry, this time it was wet and slippery...Did it bother Magic? NO - won his dressage and beat all the horses with studs in :-) All the gory details will be on Jane's own blog - congratulations both of you!

And Ghost - well I took him and Felix to be demo horses at a talk Mary Bromiley gave last night. Both boys were very well behaved and Ghost particularly was on his best crowd-pleasing behaviour...Mary's insights and understanding of horse conformation, anatomy and movement were breathtaking - I had not seen her before, and was bowled over - if you evern get the chance to see her work on horses, JUMP at it.

The comment I will treasure though was when she was looking at Ghost, who (to be fair, even to my biased eyes) looks very well for his age, and she asked "How old is he, 12?". In fact he is nearly double that, so it was a big compliment to him and to Anita, as well of course as giving all credit to the god of barefoot (since Ghost was lame as a dog and underweight 5 years ago) ;-)

And as if things couldn't get any better...even more good news this evening - FMD restrictions are being lifted on Wednesday, so we can start hunting again :-) Look out world, 'cos Charlie is coming...

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