Thursday, 22 June 2017

Twelve weeks to grow some new hooves

We have a bit of a changeover weekend coming up with horses going home and new horses arriving so its time to post some update photos. This is Jigsaw who will have been here 12 weeks tomorrow. 
If you draw an imaginary line across the widest part of his hoof its clear that its now significantly further towards the back of the hoof than it was when he arrived. This is a good thing as it means his palmar hoof is stronger and better able to support the limb. 
Jigsaw already had a reasonable frog and digital cushion so it was just a case of building it up and getting it used to more work and tougher surfaces. 

His heel is less under-run now and that chunk missing in the outer wall is a good guide to how much hoof he has grown, since it appeared just after his arrival - we think he knocked himself while travelling. 

This is now a much stronger hoof and it should continue to improve over the next 3-4 months as the rest of his new hoof capsule grows in.  

Interestingly Jigsaw had a heel first landing, just about, when he arrived, which meant we were able to begin work on hard surfaces with him at a relatively early stage compared with most horses. His frog and digital cushion therefore did not show as much deterioration as we often see.

As with the right foot, a less under-run heel and better support for the limb. I hope Jigsaw will have a very successful return home and continue going from strength to strength.

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