Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Four week Dash

Dash arrived just over 4 weeks ago  - his photos really should have gone up on Monday but he had to wait till the new girls had had their day in the sun.
From this angle the new growth at the top of his hoof is already clear and you can see that his foot will be much more upright once it has fully grown in. 
He has gone from landing toe first to fractionally heel first which you can also see in the way his frog is developing. 

The whole back of his foot is broader now and his  foot will be much more supportive too with the widest point being further towards the back of the foot. 

Still a long way to go with a weak digital cushion but its early days and he is heading in the right direction. 

As with the right foot, this is more upright and already looking stronger. Once the whole hoof capsule has grown in his whole foot will be less under-run and have a shorter toe. 

It certainly looks as if Dash has ambitious plans to grow a really good foot!

Dash's footage is up here:

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