Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Two weeks and no trimming part 2 - Dash's update

Dash, like Dazzle yesterday, has been here for a couple of weeks so I am updating his photos as well. The angle of these photos is not comparable, for which I apologise, but you can see that he has grown a reasonable amount of foot by looking at the position of the nail holes and the angle of growth at the top of the foot. 
Dash is definitely growing in a stronger foot but it will be several more weeks before the new growth is far enough down to be clearly visible.  
He is already tidying up his own feet without any need for trimming but you can see that his frog has a way to go before it is back to full strength.

This is the business end and although its early days there are encouraging signs that Dash is rebuilding the back of his foot. 

Keep your eye on the top of the hoof; the new growth at the coronet is where we want to see changes. 

Two weeks is only a short time, of course, so the changes in his foot are not yet that easy to spot; updating his photos and video in a couple more weeks should give us more obvious improvements. 

Finally here is his video footage which, like Dazzle, shows him inching towards a better landing. 


RedsMum said...

I've often wondered why the angle of growth changes? The first time Red's shoes came off there was no discernable difference, the second time there was. Any theories?

Nic Barker said...

I think its list often a combination of nutrition and shoeing which makes the foot run forward.