Monday, 26 June 2017

Monday means new hooves

New feet today, with the hooves belonging to Shannon, originally from Northern Ireland and more recently from much nearer, in Somerset.
 She has been shod for a number of years both in these shoes and previously in bar shoes and wedges and although they kept her sounder for a while its now time to try something different.
These are feet with quite a lot of work to do  but we've certainly seen much worse feet on horses who have gone on to do very well barefoot so I have every hope that Shannon will be one of their number in a few weeks time.
 She has been diagnosed with navicular bone damage which is worse on her left foot and she is certainly lamer on the left, and has a worse landing on that foot, but as you can see there are also some issues with the right foot which again should improve out of shoes.
 More on Shannon soon.


Little Valley Farm said...

Looks like some deep thrush in the last hoof pictured!

Nic Barker said...

Yes, absolutely - plenty to work on!