Friday, 31 January 2014

Roger's update - and happy Year of the Horse!

So here we are, the end of January (thank goodness - least favourite month of the year!) and Chinese New Year which appropriately for all of us at Rockley is the Year of the Horse. 
Roger arrived here nearly 3 weeks ago and so its more than time for his update. Roger is not yet landing heel first so we have to be very careful which surfaces he works on at the moment but all that walking around on the tracks is already improving his sole and bars. 

This was his lamest foot; he is now sounder on it than he was initially but it is still weak and as you can see from the position of his heels its an under-run foot which is not yet properly supporting his limb. 
Better late than never, here are his lateral shots...
The stripe is useful as it gives an indication of how the back of his foot is changing and starting to build up and you can also see from the position of the nail holes how his foot has grown down. 

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