Friday, 24 January 2014

Brigitte's 8 week update

Brigitte has now been here for just over 8 weeks and her photo updates are long overdue. She arrived landing very clearly toe first and with all sorts wrong with her feet
The top photo shows her feet on arrival - under-run with a long toe and a weak palmar hoof. The more recent photos below show that changing although she still has a lot to do.

Her soundness has improved, though, and looking at the sole shots you can see why. The top photo, on arrival, shows an asymmetric foot with not only the under-run heels to contend with but a ridge of sole which is usually a sign of an unstable hoof capsule. 
Today the same foot looks much better - more symmetrical but still with the ridge of sole. That will grow out as her new hoof grows in so its not something to worry about at the moment. Its also a good reason why - in a foot like this - trimming bars or their extensions is not a good idea as for now they are vital to the foot's strength. 
The LF is the more under-run of the front feet but its slowly coming back and the bull-nosed profile is also improving. 

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