Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Peter's 8 week update

Loretta came to see Peter at the weekend but it was SO dark and wet that photos weren't really possible. With the benefit of some halogen lighting, and 8 week update can now be published :-)
Here he is on day 1, with a toe first landing and in remedial shoes. His full background is here, here and here for those who are interested. 
This is the same foot 8 weeks later. A shorter toe, stronger palmar hoof and most importantly a better landing which has made him more comfortable and given him a freer stride, which you can see in the linked footage above. 
This is the same foot from the solar view - day 1 in bar shoes...
...the day after below (apologies for the blur) and at 8 weeks in the lower photo. 
Although the lighting and focus are far from perfect, there is quite a change, I think you will agree, and a clear sign that he has been working his frog and palmar hoof over the last few weeks - well done Peter! 

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