Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Moving the blog

Sorry if you mislaid the blog...I had to re-host it as it wasn't working well where it was (not sure why, but then I am a bit of a computer muppet), so here it is in its new home... and I hope its happy here!

We've had a wild few days weather wise, but its been a great opportunity for Jack and Charlie to demonstrate how brave they both are, as Andy took them out individually in a howling gale yesterday. Although they found it rather challenging, they both excelled themselves and behaved beautifully.

Conto has been hunting, and the penny has dropped (previously he thought it was a bit pointless but he now realises that sometimes its fun to go up and down the same lanes a few times with your mates!). He hunts in a snaffle, and has such lovely manners that he is a real pleasure. The only thing I find it a bit worrying is going down the steepest hills, as he tends to just sit on his backside and ski down them, very calmly... Still Andy and Bailey are very understanding and catch us at the bottom if need be!

Monsoon was lovely to hack out yesterday, but I am still not totally happy with her, as she finds going down a slope, on any surface, very difficult. I am hoping Mary Bromiley will be able to shed some light on what is happening when she next comes.

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C said...

Found you!

First symptom of hock spavin, sometimes long before any lameness shows, is difficulty going down hill, which can often start off just as if they were rushing to get home (depending on where the hill is!)