Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Little angels

Today the equine dentist (Rob Batson) came and went through the yard like a dose of salts :-)

He is great, and the old lags are always reliable, but its interesting (!) to see how the new horses react - we've had one or two who have obviously had bad experiences in the past.

As if to make up for the fact that my truck is terminally unsound with a slipping clutch (and the garage who were supposed to replace it at great expense have totally failed to sort it - not once but twice....AARGH!), the horses were all on their best behaviour today, and even the newbies and the babies had their haloes in place and were models of equine etiquette.

Felix and Conto were described as practically perfect, and the worst any of them did was have a little lean and fidget.

Its fun talking to Rob, as he has a great memory for which horses were doing what a year ago. With Charlie, for instance, he remembered that he was terribly green and nervy a year ago, and yet now here he is - Hunting Charlie, full of confidence with great teeth and perfect manners (well nearly!). Lets hope another year brings great things for Jack and Lucy - fingers crossed!

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