Monday, 28 January 2008

Can't keep up - life too fast for the blog :-)

I'm doing a miserable job of keeping up with the blog - too much happening and too little time, but I can't complain, especially as I was able to take horses out on exercise till 5.30 tonight - yay! Admittedly I came down the drive in the dusk, but its all getting better from here on in.

Jack is the best news from the weekend. He went out on Sunday and instead of the short hack we planned, we ended up doing a full hour as there was a rally of vintage cars going up and down the hill, and although they were terribly polite and the horses were terribly bomb-proof, it got boring having to get onto the verge as they all came steaming down our single track hill.

So Jack got a proper hack out, much longer than he had done before, and across much more interesting terrain - fields and sheep and everything :-) He seemed to really enjoy himself and was fascinated with what was round the next corner, which is a great sign.

Charlie was also a star on Saturday, as we had a fast day hunting and went over some real mountain goat territory. Charlie was foot perfect and had no problems, even when I couldn't really see how we were going to get up or down some sheer pieces of rock - he reckoned that I shouldn't interfere because he knew what he was doing, and he was right - what a gem he is.

We've been interviewing UKNHCP students today, and they have been very inpressive - its also great for the organisation that we are getting more applicants than we can accept, even though its hard for the people we have to turn down.

The equine dentist is here tomorrow, so its a day on the yard and a chance to get on with jobs like clipping(!)

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