Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Back and catching up

Got back on Sunday night and spent the last 3 days catching up - lots of clients' horses to trim, plus lots to do on the farm. Still, it was a fantastically useful 4 days away, and as always it was brilliant to spend time with Sarah, Matthew and Paul and to brainstorm about UKNHCP and barefoot horses in general.

Here on the farm, there is lots of hedging due to be done this year, and it all has to be completed by the end of March, so thats a priority. The horses are pretty unimpressed with the weather - Andy said it rained continuously while I was away :-( and we are all looking forward to a bit of dry weather soon, I hope. It was salutary to drive down from the north and see how bad the flooding was around Shrewsbury and Gloucestershire - we have definitely been lucky down here by comparison.

On the positive side, the daffs are starting to emerge - shoots at least - on the negative - what on earth are they doing up at this time of year - we live at 1100 feet, for goodness sake?!?!?

One bonus of the bad weather is that I have managed to update the Barefoot Horses website with some new case studies, and have reposted the video clip of us riding on flint on Exmoor, which had gone AWOL somewhere in if you are interested :-)

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