Angel is a Dutch Warmblood (KWPN) who came to us in 2009 as a rehab horse.   He had been diagnosed with navicular syndrome on the basis of nerve-blocks and X-rays and was bilaterally lame.  

He also had very little experience of the outside world, and had probably spent most of his time in an arena - certainly cows, bales of haylage and hills came as a surprise to him when he moved to Rockley! 
He is now a cheeky monkey and loves playing games with the other horses - we call him Angel not because of his good behaviour but after the character in Buffy(!)...

He has now hunted for 2 seasons and has relished the challenge of learning how to cross our very varied terrain.  

When he isn't hunting, he spends his time stirring up trouble...:

More on Angel here: