Monday, 24 April 2017

Zac's 3 week update

Zac has now been here just over 3 weeks and so its time for an update. He has fairly upright feet so there is no dramatic change in angle to see but he is starting to become less under-run at the back of his foot. 

You can see this more clearly when you look at the sole shots. His frog is becoming more robust but he still has a ridge of sole extending from his bars to the apex of the frog which is a sign of a weak foot.  

He is one of those horses whose feet actually looked too small for him when he arrived so its good to see them beginning to look a bit beefier now

A slightly less under-run foot and slightly better hoof pastern axis but still plenty of work to be done. 
Because he has been slower to land heel first he has not been able to work as hard yet as the rehab horses I blogged about last week. 
Nevertheless stomping about on the tracks as well as working in the school has helped his feet to begin heading in the right direction. 

His frog and digital cushion are working harder than before and I think he is on the verge of being confident enough to land heel first; I hope this will happen over the course of the next few days. 

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