Monday, 10 April 2017

Performance Hoof, Performance Horse - exciting (I think) news!

Thanks to all of you who have been big supporters of the new book, particularly those of you who have bought it and left such great reviews on Amazon - its very much appreciated!
The great news is that J Allen, who published "Feet First" way back in 2009, now want to take over publication of Performance Hoof, Performance Horse as well.
They did such a great job on the print edition of Feet First and I know they will produce Performance Hoof to the same high standard. Its particularly important that the photos are high quality and in their capable hands this will be a priority.
The only downside is that producing the new edition won't happen overnight so there will be a hiatus until October/November when it will come out both as a hard copy and as an ebook.
Obviously that doesn't affect anyone who has already bought a copy but for everyone else, please be patient and you will be rewarded with a shiny new version of the book as soon as we can produce it.
Meanwhile, the new rehab horses have, as you can see, settled in really well and have been revelling in the marvellous weather we have had this week. 
I know their owners are keen for updates but as its a bit too soon for hoof comparisons here are some scenic photos of them enjoying each others' company instead...


Alexa Adams said...

That is wonderful news about your book, but I have to admit I'm a little sad about it. I've been trying to convince some of my friends to buy it so that I have someone to discuss it with, but at least I can still direct them to your amazing info here :)

At least with the new publisher there is a good chance it will reach a wider audience, and that will help more horses and more owners. So it will all be good in the end.

Thanks for all of the work you do!

Colleen VK said...

Good Morning Nic,
This is exciting news! I have Feet First and look forward to the publication of Performance Horse.
I love what you do and appreciate all you do for horses. Thank you for generously sharing your knowledge & beautiful photographs.
I visit this blog often and thoroughly enjoy learning all I can to create the best life for my horses here in Northern USA.
May your day be GRAND!

Nic Barker said...

Thanks you both for your kind comments :-) Its very exciting because it will reach more people this way and its nice to be able to hand over the stuff I am no good at to the experts and I hope concentrate on the stuff I am good at!