Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Shoes and pads - Shinnic's feet

These feet belong to Shinnic, a quarter horse who arrived yesterday.
She has been diagnosed on MRI as having DDFT, impar, collateral ligament and navicular bone damage in both feet and had been shod with pads on veterinary advice but has remained lame.
She clearly has long toes and an under-run heel and there is some distortion of the digital cushion as you can see from the hairline.
The biggest problem with her feet once she is moving is actually her medio-lateral balance as she has a very pronounced lateral first landing on both front feet.
As she has come in shoes, unlike the other recent arrivals, she will have greater changes to make to her feet and more to get used to.
The removal of the pads should make a big difference to the level of stimulus which her palmar hoof will receive.
The pads cover a multitude of sins and a very weak frog but as she is comfortable out of shoes walking on our tracks I hope it won't be long before she makes some big changes to her feet.


Gina said...

What do you do with a horse that is clearly uncomfortable barefooted on all footing? Especially if boots are not a good solution.

Nic Barker said...

Change the diet first and you will probably find the horse becomes a lot more comfortable.

Gloi said...

I will be interested in the outcome here because I have a pony with pronounced lateral first landing on both front feet too.

SAM said...

Have there been any updates for Shinnic? I can't find them.

Nic Barker said...

Unfortunately Shinnic had to go home early. Her lateral first landing had improved by the time she went home.