Thursday, 27 August 2015

William's 8 week update

Finally catching up with the updates and William's is the latest cab off the rank. He had never been shod so had fewer adjustments to make than the shod horses who come here. 
The angle of the photos makes it hard to compare  - apologies, as the initial photos were taken while I was away - but although the heels look more under-run in the lower photo you can see by comparing the sole shots that this isn't in fact the case. 
William had a pretty good foot when he arrived  - hoof wall and bars were a bit longer than he needed but he didn't need to make huge changes. 
 Today, after a few weeks back in work,  his feet look better with stronger heels, bars and frog, a tighter white line and better concavity.
His palmar foot has improved too although as you can see from the caudal shots his media-lateral balance is not yet established on this foot. 

Again, slightly different angles make it tricky to see a direct comparison...

...but the sole shots show more clearly what has been happening over the last few weeks. 

This foot has better medio-lateral balance and the frog and digital cushion are definitely working harder than they used to.
More on William soon.

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